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If you've ever wondered:

How do I create landing pages on blogger ?

Why my landing pages are NOT converting?

Then You're in the right post. Today I am going to show you step by step process to creating a landing page on blogger and give you access to 5 best conversion focused squeez pages.

Anatomy Of A Prefect Landing Page:

There are many things you need to focus when creating pages except from design.

Here are few things You need to know:

  • A benefit driven Headline.

  • An image or video.

  • Benefits list.

  • Call To Action.

  • Above-the-fold.

  • Social Proof and Testimonals.

Now I'm going to breakdown all the points with examples.

Benefit driven Healines:You are creating a blog post or landing page headline plays important role.Out of every 10 people, 8 of them only read your headline and if it is not eye-catching you're loosing 80% of your visitor who not clicking on your headlines.

Before you create post or landing pages make sure you have a benefit driven headline.

What makes a headline benefit driven ?

Look at the example from Neilpatel.com where Neil write super benefit driven headlines:

1.7 Proven Strategies to Increase your Blog's Traffic by 206%

2.How to Remove Referral Spam in your google analytics

In above example I underlined the benefit of the headline. So whenever his post rank on SERPs visitors see the benefit and want to achive it(so they click on the headline and land on Neil's blog.) 

Another example from Backlinko.com where Brian dean always write super actionable headlines. Look at his headlines:

1.How to Generate 36,286 readers and 1000 email subscribers from your next blog post

2.Awesome! This SEO Campaign = 15% more Organic Traffic

An Image or Video : An image speakthousand word. Human brain process visual 200% faster than chunk of text blocks.

Tweets with images receive 150% moreretweets than tweets without images.

When you creating a landing page, an explainary video or image tell them what they got after clicking on the button.

Econsultancy found that 4X as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it.

If it is a video, make it super easy to understand to your visitors. If it is an Image, show them (overview) of the product.

For example:

If you offering a free membership then smart to include a video of how to navigate on membership area.

If you givingaway a free ebook then it is smart to include the cover image of ebook, same goes as whitepapers, swipe files and templates.

Benefits : Landing pages or blog posts are all about benefits. The more value you provide on landing page the more likely to give you their email address.

Having a benefits list on landing pages can boost your conversion by 68%.

It's all about solving problems your readers have.

Call To Action (CTA) : Call to action navigate visitors what to do next ? You want them to click on a button, share on twitter or signup on your newsletter. The better your CTA the more people would listen to you.

Unbouncefound that when they change the image of the landing page and change the button text theres an whooping 40% increase in signup. Interesting ?
How can you do the same on your landing page ?

Make sure you always testing your copy, button text, button colour. It's always smart move to split testing your landing pages.

How Many Types of landing pages out there ?

Well, there are many types of landing pages for collecting subscriber of your email list or customized service pages. Here 's some of them frequently used:

  1. Comingsoon Page:As the name of this page is coming soon it means there are some services or new website (they launch near future) or even an affiliate program going to launch soon in near future. The main motto of this type of page is collecting email subscriber and email them when the service is avaible online.

  2. Landing Page: Though all the pages of your blog is landing pages when any user land from google, facebook, twitter or any social media. But a specific page with specific action can do the work for you. You offer free lead magnet(like: pdf, cheetsheet, white papers ) on the specific pages(that is your landing page) for collecting emails.

  3. ThankYou Page:When readers subscribe to your blog they landed on a thank you page. Here you can give them some thing you promised they get after subscribing to email list.

Enough introduction, lets start creating one:

You can buy leadpages templates and they can integrate with blogger.com . If you want to buy leadpages and setup it on blogger contact me Now.

Step 0:Backup your current template. (Before we do anything it always better to start with backup template)

Step 1:First we are going to hide post title, header, navigation menu,sidebar, footer navigation, widgets.

You can start using google chrome inspection tool (here is a guide from MBT) for finding wrappers to hide above sections.(A class wrapper start with "."; a ID wrapper starts with "#". )

In my case:

  1. header-wrapper for header section

  2. nav-wrapper for navigation

  3. sidebar-wrapper for sidebar section

  4. footer-nav for footer nav section

  5. footer-wrapper for footer section

  6. post-title for title of post

Hide all the wrappers mentioned aboved like this:

Step 2:Make the content wrapper full width. (#content always same for you and me.)


Now the code looks like this below:

.header-wrapper,.sidebar-wrapper,.footer-wrapper,.post-title{display:none;}#content{width:100%!important}/*for full width page*/

Step 3:Now we are going to create a page where our landing page will be live.

Open Blogger dashbord >> Pages >> New page.

Publish the page with desprective title like:

Creating a landing page for facebook use: "fb landing page"

Creating a landing page for email subscriber use: "landing page for subscribers". (You get my point)

After adding title to the page, from the right panel click on 'Don't allow comments'. Save the settings. Click on Publish page.

Note the page url for future use. If you are using custom domain name, then only copy the URL. For blogspot sub-domain url(like: http://abc.blogspot.com/p/landing-email.html) use blogspot.com only.

Now paste the below code just before tag of your blogger template.
<b:if cond='data:blog.url=="landing-page-url"'>.header-wrapper,.sidebar-wrapper,.footer-wrapper{display:none;}#content{width:100%!important;}</b:if>

Before I move to next (and last) step

I hide all the wrappers, publish the page(where I am going to paste landing page code), added above code into my template. Now in next step we are going to create your very own template and publish it.

Step 4: You know CSS and HTML, then you can create your own landing page.

Here is an example:

This is a headline looks like

But if you don't know HTML and CSS (or maybe don't want to mess with codes alignment problems) you can download my own template(which are free to copy) after you join my email list. Send me a quick email to get your bonuses.

Hope you may find this valuable. Is this is something you want to read more? Share your valuable thoughts in comments.

This is first post of blogger basic series. In this series I'm going to answers your basic questions about blogger platform, you can ask me anything and I'll answer every damn question.

And today we are going to start with basic blogger template upload and backup problem.

How To Upload and Backup Blogger Template Even You're a beginner

Blogger dashboard recently change their interface and the process is slightly changed. So lets get started:

1. First, goto blogger dashboard and choose from the list of blogger's domain.

2. In the left menu, click on template tab. A new page will open and you see a page with bloggers default template on it simple, dynamic etc.

3. Now find Upload or Backup button in top right corner. Click on it and a friendly popup will open.

This step is important because uploading the template and downloading the template lies in the same popup.

1. If you want to Upload a template then simply click on Upload template option.

2. If you want to  download your current template which is showing on your blog right now then click on download template option.

Right now you maybe finding it's hard to apply this simple step-by-step process but with time it natuarally habited.

For better security, create a dummy blog for testing while you learning and applying new designs, widgets and your very own template.

Blogger or WordPress.com which one is best ?

Answer: Blogger.

I know you also fall into this dilemma. So today i am going to show you why blogger.com is better than wordpress.com( free) and some frequently asked questions.(FAQ)

I am going to compare this two major platform by their installation process,  simplicity and pros-cons.


Blogger is created by pyra lab and later google buy it from pyra lab. There is more than 50million blogs created on blogger.

Step by Step Guide to Creating Blogger Blog

Step 1: Goto blogger.com and click on create a blog button and setup your blogger profile.

Creating blogger blog needs an gmail account I assumed that you have an gmail account which is so common to have.

Step 2: A popup will appear . Add blog name, blog address(we will add custom domain later).

Step 3: Choose any template from menu and click on Create blog.

Useability or Simplicty

Blogger is so simple, easy to navigate and build for beginners.

In blogger homepage you have all list of blog you created previously. Simply click on any blog name you will be on overview page.

In the left panel there is navigation menu. In overview page you get blog stats like pageviews, referral pages and post. For creating post you have to click on "New Post" and ready to post.


1. Add upto 100 authors in single blog.

2. Get 1GB photo storage for blogger author(you can simply increase upto 15GB by upgrading to google plus profile.

Advantage of Blogger

1. 100% uptime using google server.

2. Simple easy to use editor for newbies.

3. You are on hand of google so no hacking, no viruses or security problems. You can integrate with lots of google products and services.

4. One click adsense integration for bloggers who want to make money through contextual  advertisement.

5. Beautiful drag and drop layout editor. Also there is many free seo optimized template to select from.

Dis-advantage of using Blogger

1. The major dis-advantage of using blogger is they always delete blogs if you violate their content policy without any priority notice.

2. It may looks unprofessional  if you stick with blogger simple design. There are many templates which are robust, seo optimised and clean coded you can use. But truely speaking there are less blogger templates which fulfill this citeria.


Wordpress.com is also a free blogging platform provided by Automattic. WordPress claims that 25% of bloggers using wordpress as a content management software.

How to Get started ?

Goto wordpress.com and click on Create Blog and signup using any email address with choosing a domain name.

Useability or Simplicity

Though it is very responsive but very hard to get started for beginners. When blogger is easy to get started.

There is also a left navigation panel like blogger but it has too many settings to check and here beginners get confused.

Victory: Blogger.com win!


1. Limit upto 3GB media upload. (Where blogger has only 1gb for blogger profile users.)

2. You have permission to post anything on wordpress. ( where blogger hate political violence, hacking and pornography. )

The Advantage of using wordpress.com

1. Wordpress.com and wordpress.org looks simillar, so it is easy to learn from wordpress.com .

2. There are number of developers ready to be hired compared to blogger.com .

3. Too many professional theme to choose from theme directory for free.

Note: You cannot upload any premium theme to your free account. But you can upgrade to use this feature.

The dis-advantage of using wordpress

1. You cannot apply for adsense to make money using wordpress.com blog where even blogger free account user make money using free blogger blog.

2. On free accounts wordpress has power to show ads on your blog though wordpress said they rarely done it.

3. You can edit any code of your blog(simillarly to blogger) on server side.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have answered some most frequently asked questions below.

1. Which one is best for making money ?

Ans: Blogger.

2. Which Platform is more Seo optimized?

Ans: Blogger and Wordpress.org not wordpress.com

3. Which one is best for fashion blog?

Ans: It is always good to start self hosted blog for your money sites but if do not want to spend money then start with blogger.

4. Which one is best for adsense users?

Ans: Always Blogger because wordpress(free) not allow adsense ads.

5. Is BuySellAd approve blogger blog?
Ans: Yes. If you have custome domain name then buysellad approve you. (Note:- It is possible to approved by BSA but you have to work hard.)

Do you have any question i forget to include or you have different view about this blogger hosting comparison so please do not hesitate to ask me ?

Hope you guys are doing well. Today i am going share my first Ultimate Guide to Create a Profitable Blog in any Niche, Yes in ANY niche.

Many of us don't know how to start a profitable blog so in today's guide you are going to learn what works in 2016 and beyond ; what don't.

What You will Learn

1. How to Choose a profitable Niche

2. How to find Golden Keywords

3. Learn What works and what don't in today's world

4. How to Start Your own Blog in 5 minutes

5. What to Do after setup your Blog [ Gurus don't tell You ]

6. How to Find your targeted readers - they ready to buy from YOU!

7. Bonus Section [ Don't forget to checkout i have something special for You. ]

Creating a money making blog or profitable blog need your 3-p's rule that is passion, patients and positive thinking.

So Ready Steady and Go.....


How to Find Profitable Blog Niche

Now you maybe thinking what i've special for you in this section. I am not going to tell you which one is profitable and which one is boring.

You should remember that,

"There is no boring niche only boring people".

Step 1. Get a pen and paper start thinking what you would love to do whole day even if you like sleeping (This is also a niche but you have to creative).

For example, I like to sit on a shopingmol or metro train and start writing about everything hobbies, problems, skills even my fashion.

Now i have a list of all of my positive points and negative points.

1. Playing Cricket

2. Workout on Gim

3. Playing video Games

4. Creating Blogger Themes

5. Chat on Facebook or Whatsapp.

6. Watching TV


7. Sleeping. :-)

Now move to Next Step 2

Step 2:
Now having a list is not mean you can create a blog on any topics.

You have to find the most profitable one. We ( I and You ) are going to find top 3 niches competition level, authority and readers intension.

I am going to use 4 tools ahrefs, semrush, longtail pro and Google keyword Planner to find my best blogging niche. Only longtailpro is premium and others free/paid.

For example if nutrition is my main niche i am going to be specific like men or women's nutrition. Be specific as much as possible because if you know them then it will be easire to find their pain points. Buyer persona comes into handy when preparing niches.


How to Create Your own Buyer Persona

How Buyers Persona help you Grow Your Blog

Now you read what is buyer persona then it will be easy to hook them in your blog.

Search for main keyword like "best mens nutrition guide".

Now pull first three website in ahrefs and see their backlinks, top pages and most important anchor text.

Pro tip: If you want to beat your competitor then you must beat their anchor text ( be aware do not spam here, no spam link building, no blackhat techniques ) .

Now again pull them into semrush and note their ranking keywords and download it.

Recap:Now we have

1. Our profitable niche

2. Competitors Ranking Data (Most Profitable)

3. Positive thinking that we can beat them. :-)

#2 Find Dimond Keyword in Your Niche

Now the main problem is 60% bloggers fail to find real gem keyword using the common tool GKP.

Do you Why?

Because GKP show data to everyone include your big competitors. What to do about it?

Instead use Longtail Pro + Keywordtool.io combined.

In past section we have found real gem keyword now paste them into keywordtool.io and list them all.

Now use import function of longtailpro and search them.
Note the keywords that have KC score below 20 if your competitor authority greater than 50+ .

How to find Golden Keywords using LongTail Pro.

But here is the long tail pro link for free 7day trial for $1.


What works and What Not ?

I created this section because many of you follow old seo rules and want to get result from it.

Most of the Old seo rules don't apply on todays world. And how do you get targeted result from it ? Never.

Top 10 SEO Myths that Never get Result for Your blog

1. Spam Comment: Most of seo service agent tell you that i am going comment on 200+ dofollow blogs and you get backlinks.

Most of the time you never get any authority from them because the comments are fully spam mostly generated through softwares.

You maybe get penalties over time in next google update.

2. Longer Content: Yes, longer content perform well when you talk about the topic deeply not just stuffing keywords.

3. Guest blogging is Dead: Many of you read matt cutts post and think guest blogging is dead.

But matt says if you are doing guest blogging in sake of link buiding then you might get a penalty over time.

He didn't say you cannot use it for branding your blog.

4. Updating Your blog frequently

Many of you heard these word bunch of times. But thats not true and proved by many authority bloggers including Brian Dean.

Here is a detail guide for seo myths you never should follow.


Create A Successful Blog Under 5 minutes

Now everything we setup niche, profitable keywords, buyers persona and mindset for starting blogging.

Creating a blog divided into 5 sections

1. Domain Name & Hosting

2. Theme Selection

3. Setting had to be Changed.

4. Posting Your First article. :-)


Now going into details...

1. Domain &Hosting

Domain name is like your mailing address and Hosting Server means what you store in your address

I already setup my blog using godaddy domain provider and blogger.com for hosting because its free.

The biggest issue i am facing using blogger it is less seo ready compare to wordpress and for one small tweak on my blog design i am wasting my time.

So i planned to switch from blogger to wordpress in next months.

So i also recommend you to using wordpress if you have at least $70 or you can choose blogger having lots of time to editing.

I choose Bluehost webhosting because of their simple pricing( If you go for 3years package).

Here is a simple video guide to setup hosting process in next 5 minutes.

2. Theme Selection

I don't lie to you:

It is the most complicated part. If you choose one theme you like in day 1 and over time it will be boring and suddenly you changed it. Changing theme also effect your seo.

There are many paid themes which one is sppedy, robust coded and SEO optimized.

Recently i've setup my blog and try to stick with free theme ; when i have money i will buy theme from Genesis Freamwork. Choice is yours best or better theme. :-)

3 Setting needed to be changed

Here is an epic video that teach you what to do and how to do ?

4 Write Your First Post

You maybe feel proud to having a great domain name and hosting provider. You are excited to write your first post.

Goto Wordpress dashboard->>Locate "Post" from left panel.

Click on Post panel and add "new post".

Add Title and write your first post.

Click on publish button and You are ready to Go. :-)

5 Promote Content

Promoting your content is the final important part of your blog.

Here is few tips:
1. Share on major social platform
2. Pin it on pinterest
3. Mention influencers and tell them they get featured on your blog.
4. Bloggers Outreach

I have created a pdf checklist that teach you how to promote content and get result.


What to Do Next

1. Landing Page

After creating and setup your blog you have to create landing pages that collect leads in form of email subscribers.

There is many landing page softwares avaival free and paid but i like to use Getresponse landing page templates.

Best places to put landing pages links that converts more for me are top navigation links, sidebar, below the content.

2. Email Autoresponder:

Just only collecting email adresses not going to makes you money in long term , you have to engage with them. Teach your subscribers how to setup anything in your niche and evoke emotions with them Pat Flyn konw this very well and makes over $100,000 per month.

I am currently using Getrespons Email service provider ( they have a 30 day trial package ). And you can subscribe me Now to get more tips on growing your blog.


Get Most Profitable buyers

Now i am going use power of guest blogging.

Many of you don't know what is guest blogging ?

Writing articles that get published on popular authority blog is known as guest blogging.

There are many popular blog in every niche you have to find them.

Goto Google and put your head term and hit search.

You have list of popular blog in your niche. Outreach them using twitter, contact page or directly and offer them what you have got for their readers.

Publish your guest post and link to your landing pages that we create earlier.

#7 Bonus Section

As promised earlier, i am going share
2 pdf checklist that help you creating a profitable blog and Get traffic to your new blog.

Download this PDF guide to Get started your new blog Right Now!

Don't forget to share your thought and problems with me. :-)

Hello I am Pradip Kr. Singha a blogger from beautiful country India. I am proud to be an Indian.

Quick Blogger Tips

I started this blog to help everyone on their blogging journey :) .

When i started my first blog i felt it was so easy to make money online- in two months this was so hard to me and feel quite blogging. Without mistakes we humans are nothing-we love to make mistake and learn something from it. But believe or not, if you are making this mistakes its ruin your life.
In this blog i am going to share unique blogging tips, tricks to increase traffic ( hard to get), awesome designed templates and Seo basic to advance.

Who am I ?

As told previously I am Pradip Singha Owner of this blog also a student of Engineering 2nd year waiting for degree and a MNC job.

My aim to provide helpful blogging resouces which helps on your blogging journey. I am just 20years old and Math is my favourite subject.

What You will find In this Blog

This blog is mainly focused on Blogger Journey so you will find Bloggers problems-solution, seo related helps, conversion focused design and a friend (Me) on your journey.

So don't forget to join me on twitter, fb or G+

And talk to you soon. Happy Blogging :)


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