Blogger vs Which One Is Best for Me ?

Blogger or which one is best ?

Answer: Blogger.

I know you also fall into this dilemma. So today i am going to show you why is better than free) and some frequently asked questions.(FAQ)

I am going to compare this two major platform by their installation process,  simplicity and pros-cons.

Blogger is created by pyra lab and later google buy it from pyra lab. There is more than 50million blogs created on blogger.

Step by Step Guide to Creating Blogger Blog

Step 1: Goto and click on create a blog button and setup your blogger profile.

Creating blogger blog needs an gmail account I assumed that you have an gmail account which is so common to have.

Step 2: A popup will appear . Add blog name, blog address(we will add custom domain later).

Step 3: Choose any template from menu and click on Create blog.

Useability or Simplicty

Blogger is so simple, easy to navigate and build for beginners.

In blogger homepage you have all list of blog you created previously. Simply click on any blog name you will be on overview page.

In the left panel there is navigation menu. In overview page you get blog stats like pageviews, referral pages and post. For creating post you have to click on "New Post" and ready to post.


1. Add upto 100 authors in single blog.

2. Get 1GB photo storage for blogger author(you can simply increase upto 15GB by upgrading to google plus profile.

Advantage of Blogger

1. 100% uptime using google server.

2. Simple easy to use editor for newbies.

3. You are on hand of google so no hacking, no viruses or security problems. You can integrate with lots of google products and services.

4. One click adsense integration for bloggers who want to make money through contextual  advertisement.

5. Beautiful drag and drop layout editor. Also there is many free seo optimized template to select from.

Dis-advantage of using Blogger

1. The major dis-advantage of using blogger is they always delete blogs if you violate their content policy without any priority notice.

2. It may looks unprofessional  if you stick with blogger simple design. There are many templates which are robust, seo optimised and clean coded you can use. But truely speaking there are less blogger templates which fulfill this citeria. is also a free blogging platform provided by Automattic. WordPress claims that 25% of bloggers using wordpress as a content management software.

How to Get started ?

Goto and click on Create Blog and signup using any email address with choosing a domain name.

Useability or Simplicity

Though it is very responsive but very hard to get started for beginners. When blogger is easy to get started.

There is also a left navigation panel like blogger but it has too many settings to check and here beginners get confused.

Victory: win!


1. Limit upto 3GB media upload. (Where blogger has only 1gb for blogger profile users.)

2. You have permission to post anything on wordpress. ( where blogger hate political violence, hacking and pornography. )

The Advantage of using

1. and looks simillar, so it is easy to learn from .

2. There are number of developers ready to be hired compared to .

3. Too many professional theme to choose from theme directory for free.

Note: You cannot upload any premium theme to your free account. But you can upgrade to use this feature.

The dis-advantage of using wordpress

1. You cannot apply for adsense to make money using blog where even blogger free account user make money using free blogger blog.

2. On free accounts wordpress has power to show ads on your blog though wordpress said they rarely done it.

3. You can edit any code of your blog(simillarly to blogger) on server side.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have answered some most frequently asked questions below.

1. Which one is best for making money ?

Ans: Blogger.

2. Which Platform is more Seo optimized?

Ans: Blogger and not

3. Which one is best for fashion blog?

Ans: It is always good to start self hosted blog for your money sites but if do not want to spend money then start with blogger.

4. Which one is best for adsense users?

Ans: Always Blogger because wordpress(free) not allow adsense ads.

5. Is BuySellAd approve blogger blog?
Ans: Yes. If you have custome domain name then buysellad approve you. (Note:- It is possible to approved by BSA but you have to work hard.)

Do you have any question i forget to include or you have different view about this blogger hosting comparison so please do not hesitate to ask me ?


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